Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm Now on Artfire

I was reading up on and found that it was worth my while to open a store there as well.  I really like that you have a set monthly rate without any fees ever!!  That really appeals to me. 

I'm not saying I don't like  I'm just saying it cost me quite a few bucks to relist my items often in order to get the traffic and the sales I did.  So, I'm running a test.  I want to see which is more profitable in the end.  I made a google search on versus and some people have transferred there whole Etsy store to their artfire Shop.  I don't know...  I'm still researching the potentials of both.  After a very short time on Etsy, I got quite a bit of exposure.  I'm just wondering if it'll be the same with artfire. 

I've added some items;  I only have under 20 items as of yet, but I'll be adding more shortly.  I've already joined a guild (team) and I'm looking around to see how to get more exposure.  Click here to see my new artfire store.

One thing I really, really like it the Quick Checkout link that I've setup on my blog; isn't it awesome! 

As of now, I am not yet running a Sale in my artfire store, but I am offering FREE Worldwide Shipping on all of my jewelry.

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