Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Progess on Artfire

So I got my store setup and traffic is starting to flow.  I also purchased some spotlight ads, which is really great because you pay $20 for a full month - that's a really good price. 

I added my unique, handmade, fused, recycled bottle glass pieces and I think it looks pretty good so far.  I have a couple of ideas of stuff I want to include in this store and I'm working on that. 

It's too bad that I didn't get a whiff of artfire before because I think I'm a little late in the game for holiday sales.  I read that it takes about 45 days for google to crawl new stores.  At least I'll be all setup to begin the New year.  Can't believe it's the end of 2010; where does time go?  Got to use our time wisely because it seems like there are never enough hours in a day and so many things get neglected. 

Another feature I really like with artfire is the edit all of your ads at once - how great is that!!  This saves sooo much time and fussing around, especially when you have dial-up like me. 

I"m making good progress on my Sheryl Crow Earrings.  I've cutout all of the pieces I just need to cutout the inside part of the small dangles that will be hanging from the main earring piece.  I really can't wait to get them finished.  I will post more pics later today.  Look for them.

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