Thursday, February 24, 2011

Learn Digital Photography

After my brother got me hooked to photography last year, it seems that everything in my eye's view is a potential picture.  Although, I have always appreciated and paid attention to the smaller things in life (a delicate flower, a seemingly insignificant grasshopper or caterpillar enjoying its lunch under the warm rays of the sun, the distinctly different, yet harmonious sounds of chirping birds, the hypnotic beat of raindrops tapping my window...), I appreciate them even more.

When I first looked through the viewfinder of my Pentax K200D, everything I looked at was different; the perspective had completely changed.  I needed to adapt to this new way of seeing things.  It took me a good six months of experimenting and many hours of viewing fellow photographers on Flickr to understand what to focus on, how much to focus on and why I would focus on.  When I first began, I felt sloppy, awkward and very disoriented; not knowing what to photograph, what lens to use, how much to zoom in, etc.  I was really out of my element. 

My brother gave me a book on digital photography, written by Scott Kelby.  He told me I needed to read this book and that it would give me a good foundation to my new endeavor.  As far as I'm concerned, every beginner should read that book.  The author, an experienced and very renowned photographer himself, is down to earth and has the knack of simplifying what could easily become a complicated series of explanations.  He doesn't clutter the text unnecessarily with fancy words that obscure the sense of the very essence of what he's trying to say.  I found the exact book on Amazon.  Click on the Photo below to view more information about this wonderful book. He also has a box set which I think is a steal of a deal!

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