Friday, February 4, 2011

My New Etsy Store - Bay Supplies-

I finally did it!  I kicked myself in the behind to get my wheels back into gear and I'm back to work.  When I told a good friend of mine I was putting together a work schedule so that I can manage to do what I plan to, she laughed slightly...  What was that??  I guess my reputation's made.  I'm not quite the schedule type person.  But I have to admit, I always thought I followed a schedule... somewhat anyway.  Do sticky notes all over the fridge count as a schedule?  lol.  Whatever...  I decided to make a weekly schedule and that way I won't overwhelm myself with work and it'll be like taking baby steps and then when I re-open my store in May, voila, I will have accomplished what I wanted.  Well, that's the plan.  We'll see.  I'll prove my friend wrong.  I can do it.  I know I can.

I'm off to a great start.  The first thing on my agenda was to setup my new Etsy shop "Bay Supplies".  This new store will be offering craft and jewelry supplies.  Many of the jewelry supplies I will be making, such as glass cabochons, sterling silver, copper and 14k gold filled findings such as ear wires, eyes and hook sets, components and more...

I'm happy to say I've organized everything for the Bay Supplies store and now I'm filling it between washings, dishes, putting the dog out, cooking (reheating left overs), eating on the fly and taking a coffee break with my neglected husband. 

Next thing on my agenda is to catch up with special orders that I've been neglecting; I'll be beginning tomorrow morning... I will really.

Wow!  I thought I didn't follow schedules... Doesn't that look like a schedule? lol

Take a moment to checkout my new supplies store - it's a little empty at the moment, but I will be filling it up a little each day... another scheduled event.

Well enough with the whole schedule thing.  I have a couple of fused glass projects I will be adding to the kiln.  I'm going to pop in a chick flick while I babysit my baby glass projects.  I'll be done by 10:30pm.

If the project looks good, I'll be adding a picture tomorrow.  This is an experimental project and I'll only post it if it was successful.

Good night!

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