Monday, February 7, 2011

Schedule for Monday

I've decided to make my schedule for this week and I'll be posting my progress with each day.  Today, Monday, February 7th, I want to do the following:  Work on custom, jewelry orders; work on a new glass project; prepare and add swarovski crystals to my Bay Supplies store. 

The custom orders I want to work on are a wire wrapped pendant in 14k gold-filled (I will post a picture of the pendant once I'm done).  It's my customer's stone and she has brought it for me to wrap.  The stone is a little thick, but I think I can work with that, although I prefer flatter stones; they always turn out better.  I also have two rings to make - they're not my favorite, but I'll power through it. 

It's a beautiful, sunny day and I'm inspired to work.  I feel like the ideas are flowing and I'm anxious to get work.  I'll keep you posted.

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