Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Memories from our Newfoundland Trip!

Last year, we had the awesome privilege of visiting Newfoundland- It was the most fascinating trip of my life!!  The rugged terrain varied from one end of the island to the other.  Although we did not get to make it to St-Anthony because there were no icebergs at that time (weather was too warm), we did get to see Gros Morne which was breathtakingly beautiful!  A drive definitely worth our while!

With my brother and his family, who have been living in Newfoundland for over six years now, we walked on the main streets of down town St-John's, which was cold, even at the end of June.  It was interesting to have the down town life to one side and the ships in the harbour on the other; in a distance we could see "Signal Hill" reminding us of St-John's rich history.

My brother and me were walking side by side with our cameras strapped around our necks and our gear firmly attached to our bodies and held our cameras at all time ready to shoot that one shot we would boast about later. Being a newbie, I didn't really know what I was doing.  Nevertheless, I think I got some really nice shots and this particular one is from a bronze sculpture representing different facets of the arts.  I photographed two of the representations, and this is one of them:  The Violinist-  I love this picture!!  It's a wonderful interpretation of classical music!!  This is a perfect gift for any classical music lover!!    Go to my Etsy Shop to see more of my photographs.  As of now, I'm offering 10% off my entire store with coupon code: BAYSAVE10 at checkout.  Click here to go to my store.

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