Friday, October 28, 2011

Ice and Snow

As I look through the window of my office, I see the Maple trees struggling to hold on to their bright, yellow leaves while snow is ever so lightly being tossed about in the wind.  The day is definitely colder than usual.  This cool day in October reminds me of my "Ice Necklace."

 Inspired by a winter ice storm we had a couple of years back, I designed this beautiful collection.  I absolutely love the look of branches weighed down by the heavy snow with crystal clear icicles sparkling in the sun.  Each part of my necklace represents beautiful features of this ice storm:  the .925 sterling silver work represent the trees and the branches; the genuine white pearls represent the crisp white snow; the quartz gemstones represent the ice; and the sparkling crystals represent the sparkle.

I designed this necklace for a bride, but it could easily be worn for any event.  This is a one of a kind bridal necklace.

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