Saturday, October 29, 2011

Recycled, Up-Cycled Antique Silver Fork Earrings Etsy Shop Handmade

It's not too rare to see recycled, antique spoon jewelry these days.  I have my own little collection of these as well, but what about the forks??  These make for beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery.  I decided to make a collection of cool earrings with the individual fork talons.  I sawed each one of the talons off the main fork piece, drilled a whole in them, added my handmade .925 sterling silver o-rings and hammered ear wires and there it was:  a minimalist style earring that could be worn be either women or men.  Go to my etsy shop to view my other recycled, up-cycled antique silver spoon and fork, silver jewelry:  Click here.  Please don't forget to register to follow my blog.  You can follow my blog by email now.  Check it out in the bar on the left.

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