Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Featuring the "Baby Wearing Coat / Jacket"

As I was browsing through different Etsy shops I came across this great shop situated in Toronto, Ontario.  Although my baby making days are long gone, as a grand mother, I can say this coat would have been a very practical and useful gift for my daughter.

While the sling or any type of baby carrier is wonderful in warmer weather, it's not so practical during the colder season.  Wearing a baby carrier / sling over your coat is way too bulky and uncomfortable, not to mention that the baby is left unprotected from the elements.  If this is the predicament you're faced with, then you will love this very innovative, multi-purposed baby wearing coat by loVDdesign.  It's the perfect coat to bundle you and your baby up, while keeping you both warm and comfortable.

This coat can actually be worn three ways:  1.  It can grow with your baby bump.  2.  Wrap it over a baby sling / carrier.  3.  Wear it alone without baby bump and without baby sling.

This is the most ingenious maternity coat I've ever seen.  Something I would have loved to have for myself during my two pregnancies!  This would make the most awesome baby shower gift!!  You get to choose from two beautiful colors:  Deep Royal Blue or English Brick.

This lovely Etsy shop also has this design in a thick, bulkier, Sherpa Fabric in Camel color:

I also suggest you take a moment to browse loVDdesign for some awesome baby coats and renaissance dresses and blouse designs.  I've added a photograph of one of the baby coats that I really like -  How cute is this!!

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