Friday, November 9, 2012

Making Leather Moccasins

As you know, I'm quite the "everything handmade" enthusiast! I'm always looking for stuff to make. I love that handmade items are one of a kind!  I also really enjoy the satisfaction it gives me to turn raw materials into something both practical and beautiful.
Since I've been on Etsy I discovered many wonderful shops from around the world that are filled with awesome, handmade "everythings". I will be regularly featuring some of these amazing shops on my blog.
To begin with I will be featuring "Tutorial Girl."  This particular shop sells original and unique pdf patterns for making children's shoes.   She designs her own patterns which I really like.  Not too long ago, I purchased one of these patterns.  I was looking to make a nice pair of leather moccasins for my little grand daughter when I fell upon "Tutorial Girl's" Etsy Shop.    I purchased one of these patterns, see picture below, and I will be making these for my little granddaughter. The pattern will fit a 2 year old.  See a picture of the pattern that I purchased below:

In order to make these, I needed leather and I thought of looking on Etsy and I discovered the "Peggy Sue Also" Etsy shop which sells awesome pieces of leather with amazing textures and gorgeous colors.  I was very excited to find this great shop, which I purchased two colors of gorgeous leather:  avocado green and an amazing pink Ostrich-look leather.   See it the beautiful leather pieces below:

The last item I needed for this project was sinew and I chose to use imitation sinew in white and I found it at "Make a Basket." 
So, I am now ready to make these awesome little moccasins!  I can't wait!!!
Thank you to the three Etsy Shops that will make it all possible!!

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