Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Do You Have Plastic Bag Withdrawal Symptoms

We are becoming more and more conscious about recycling and re-using our products in order to avoid unnecessary waste, and for good reason.

The system we live in has forced us into a direction where waste and over consumption have become a way of life.  Taking charge and redirecting ourselves is not an easy thing to do.   If you're like me, you might find it very difficult to stop using plastic bags and other products that are harmful to the environment because we have grown so accustomed to using them on a daily basis.

How do we stop using plastic bags? We don't realize how practical they are until we don't have them around.  How many times do we reach for a plastic bag, plastic wrap, a sandwich bag or a freezer bag throughout the day in regards to food preparation, lunches, snacks and storage?

Eliminating the plastic bag from my home seems to be very challenging for me.  I know the plastic bag didn't always exist.  In fact, it was only introduced to the general public in the 1950's.  The question that comes to my mind is how did my grandmother handle her everyday tasks without the plastic bag??  I must ask her about that. 

I believe the problem doesn't lie so much with my living without the plastic bag, as much as it is to find an alternative.  If I had an alternate method to store my food and to carry my snacks I think I could rid myself of the plastic bag withdrawal symptoms once and for all.

With a bit of research and determination, my quest has paid off.  I discovered this awesome line of products hat will enable me to finally be free of the plastic bag. 

You are going to love these products.  I suggest you prepare yourself a nice cup of tea, put on your cozy slippers and click through the links of this great website- you will be so happy you did. 

- Lunch Bags / Sandwich Bags / Napkin and Holders

- Shopping Bags / Produce Bags and More

- Water Bottles

- For the Home

- Food Storage / Napkin / Tableware

**Interesting fact:  "Canadians use between 9-15 billion bags a year, enough to encircle the earth 55 times (US citizens use 100 billion bags), according to the Greener Footsteps website.**

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