Sunday, April 12, 2015

Only Beading Wire I Will Ever Use

I am meticulous and a bit of a perfectionist!  Therefore, every piece of jewelry I sell needs to be of the best quality possible, so this demands quality materials.  One day, I was showing a lovely watch with Tiger Eye and Black Agate beads, and while the customer was trying it on, the beading wire had pulled apart.  I felt embarrassed and a cold feeling ran through me...  I vowed for this never to happen again!!  In the handmade jewelry business, you need to make your mark and mine was uniqueness and quality.  Therefore, every piece of jewelry I design needs to be of very good quality!
I finally discovered Accu-Flex, I would not trust my beading work to any other beading wire!  Accu-Flex, gives me peace of mind; I can be confident that my jewelry will be sturdy and withstand daily use for years to come!  

If you're serious about your beading work, than you will not settle for anything less!  

Accu-Flex comes in a variety of colors, including the colors of metals (as you can see below).  It's also very flexible and you can also knot it.  I love this beading wire and cannot say enough about it!  

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