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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Adopt Lily the Taffy Artist Made Bear Marriage Proposal Idea

I'm really excited and happy to introduce to you: "Lily."  She's my latest handmade creation.  She has a beautiful coat of genuine Mohair, that is sort of scruffy looking, which I really like.  It gives her some character, don't you think?

I used German glass eyes and metal cotter joints for durability.  I added small glass pellets to her bum and feet, for weight (thus enabling her to stand when she's placed just right.)

Obviously, Lily, is not a toy.  She's an artistic, handmade bear for decoration or collecting.  She will make the greatest gift!  Here is a cute gift suggestion:  Add a ring to Lily's bow and offer the bear  as a gift for a really cute way to propose.  Add any kind of jewelry to her as an original way to present the jewelry gift.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beach Glass Bottle Stopper Unique and Handmade

Combing beaches in search of sea glass, unique beach stones and sea shells is definitely a long standing tradition seen around the world and it is no different in our area.  Every day there seems to be someone walking up and down the seashore, head directed downward as a hound dog would his nose, ready to sniff out that rare, beautiful gem.  My husband and I were no exception to that rule; we took advantage of any opportunity we had to rush down to the beach and just couldn't wait for the competition to begin.  That's right, everything's a competition with my husband.  He was determined to find the rarest red, or better yet, the king of colors:  orange.  As we strutted up and down the beach, my husband way ahead as he was rushing to be the all time winner, we discovered beautiful pieces of colored gems waiting to be found, waiting to shine in all their glory in some unique piece of jewelry, or perhaps a something completely new.

Being the person that I am, I couldn't just make jewelry with my newly found treasures.  My mind kept searching for some new application, something different that hasn't been seen before, something completely different.  Seeing that I had learned the art of fusing glass, I tried to apply the technique to my beach glass, which I think worked out quite nice.  Because of the different glass pieces being incompatible to each other (something you learn when you work with glass - it's important to use glass that work together, that are compatible), it's pretty much trial and error.  Below you will see an example of one of the new applications I found for beach glass:  Beach Glass Wine Bottle Stopper, which make great hostess gifts.  These are unique gifts for him or gifts for her.  You may check out my Etsy Shop for more glass creations such as more sea glass creations, recycled wine bottle designs and more.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Rustic Beach Cottage Recycled Wine Bottle Cheese Platter Plate Tray Gift Package

As you are well aware by now, one of my favorite items to make is from recycled materials, especially recycled wine bottles.  What I personally love about this cheese tray is the dark, dark olive color; it almost looks black.  The finish is shiny and mirror-like.  You've probably seen cheese trays before and they don't really impress you anymore, but I'm really trying to bring you something unique with the design of this cheese tray and you'll notice the neck is quite different than what you would usually see.  I named it: "The swan neck cheese platter", for obvious reasons...  I also etched a beautiful shell motif.  It's a permanent etching; it's not painted.  I used acid to actually burn into the glass and therefore the motif will not wear off.   You can even throw it in the dishwasher... how great is that.  A cheese tray, such as this one, is an amazing conversation piece for your next wine and cheese party... Each one comes with a cute little cheese spreader / knife, a handmade burlap bag and a beautiful grosgrain ribbon in either brown, purple, lime or orange and a very charming description card.  Click here to see more info on this great gift package.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Celtic Knot Sun Catcher Recycled Wine Bottle

You'll find a very unique and completely different sun catcher in my Etsy Shop - I decided to try something different by combining my different techniques and I came up with this original idea.  I had to slice the bottle and place the glass in such a way that made them overlap each one and then I proceeded to heating them at a very high temperature until they fused into one unique piece.  I drilled and added hammered copper curls and enhanced with colored glass beads.  The overall piece turned out really nice, I think.  It would look awesome in the garden, on the patio or in your window.  It's rugged and tough enough to be outside.  Click here to see more info.  (((((((( Treasure Hunt Sale until the end of December - Save up to 40% - Read about it in my Etsy Shop Annoucements )))))))) **** I will combine promos with coupons for extra savings - Limited Time****