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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Neck Warmers For My Girls

Decided to make a few neck warmers for my girls.  I love the turquoise, teal, squiggly yarn; it's so soft! It's another lovely yarn by Red Heart.  You can find it here on Amazon (delivered right to your door).   I used a very simple crochet stitch to make the cowl (neck warmer).  It's a bit tricky because the yarn is so bumpy that it makes it difficult to know where your stitches are, but eventually I found a way by using my fingers to feel the stitch instead of relying on my eyes alone.  

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The dark pink one is made of this super soft, velvety yarn (it's nice and think).  You can find this velvety yarn here on Amazon.  To make this neck warmer, I started with a chain (the width I wanted the cowl to be and then I crocheted  in the back loop (when you do this, you get that lovely ribbed effect that looks just like knitting but way faster).  I basically make a rectangle, joined both ends and then crocheted the seam closed.  I used a large hook for crocheting this cowl, hook US #8.  I got mine here for a good price.