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Monday, October 24, 2011

How to Get Crazy Traffic to My Etsy Store

If you're an artist who works hard at your craft and who doesn't have much time for networking, please, you need to read this:

I have been reading about this for some time now and it seems as though some spend much time with Social Networking and Tweeting in order to gain crazy traffic to their etsy shops and it's working great for them!  Being in business for seven years now, I understand that you need to bring people through your shop and therefore you need a way to build a client base, but my goodness, when you make everything by hand, it doesn't leave much time to spend networking.  I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that I can't believe it's the only way to success.  There must be other ways; less time- consuming ways.

As an artist, I often find myself in what I like to call "creative mode."  Once I'm in the creative mode, I'm inspired and I'm psyched to bring to life whatever I mustered up in my imagination.  Once I get going, I don't like to break the rhythm.  Because once I break the rhythm, it might take me a while to get it back again.  This is the dilemma I have:  How can I succeed in business and keep my "creative mode" going simultaneously??   I'm sure I am not the only one that feels this way.  It comes down to this:  If I spend all of my time networking and I lose my creative rhythm, I will be driving people to an empty and mediocre etsy shop... and that's no good.  I need to find a middle, a balance.  A method that will help me in all areas without hindering my creativity.

So, I'm on a quest:  I'm looking for different ways to make my etsy shop a great success without spending all my time networking.  If you have any hints and tricks on how you drive traffic to your etsy store, please share them here. I would love to build a resource page with a list of things to do so that I can do better and also help others who are finding it difficult as well.  Everyone on etsy deserves a chance to be seen and to make a bit of money.  So please, help me build a resource page.  Add your suggestions and share what you do for success.  I want to hear them all (even if they have to do with networking), or even if you think it's an insignificant little thing... I want to hear that one too.  Looking forward to your information.

From all of the artists who work hard at creating and whom don't have much time for networking, etc...,
Thank You!