Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Black Friday Sale, November 25, 2011 in my Etsy Shop

Can you believe I knew nothing about Black Friday Sales event before I had an Etsy Shop?  Perhaps this is too embarrassing and I should not go on, but in my defense, I come from a small Canadian town and although we're not too far from the American border, we don't travel there too often. and the times we did go to the USA, were in December or during summer vacations.  Now, I'm no longer ignorant of its meaning.   I learned Black Friday is not a holiday, and is very much comparable to our Boxing Day sales here in Canada with the only difference being that it is in November after Thanksgiving.

Why is it called Black Friday is what I was wondering. The term seemed kind of creepy and I was very curious to find out the origin.  The expression "Black Friday" makes so much sense once you know the answer.  In business when a retailer turns a profit, he is in the black and because there is such a frenzy on that day, retailers definitely turn a profit!!   Funny how something can make so much more sense once you make a bit of research, on Google, of course.

I will be preparing my Etsy shop for "Black Friday" Specials so might want to keep an eye.  I will randomly choose different items from my store and offer a crazy reduced price... something I do not do very often.  Remember, November 25th, Black Friday Sale in my Etsy Shop for extra savings...

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