Sunday, November 18, 2012

Would You Adopt this Dachshund?

Last year,  while browsing through Etsy treasuries, I came across this photograph:

This adorable little creature is a Dachshund. How could you not fall in love after looking at this photograph!  Who could resist those puppy-sad eyes and that cute button nose?  The good news is that you can take this dog home with you right now.  And you'll be happy to know that he requires minimal care.  His little 3-7" size enables you to carry him around with you wherever you go.  He is quite content to travel via your pocket or handbag because he is a handmade felt dog by artist Yana Mosnitskaya of Ukraine.

Yana has a beautiful Etsy Shop called "YanArt" which is filled with adorable, one of a kind, collectible dogs. 

The technique she uses to make these little cuties is called needle felting.   The technique basically involves a sharp, barbed needle and loose, wool fibers.  You need to poke down through the loose wool, until it slowly entangles the fibers into a felt.  This requires patience and some time. 

I actually had a chance to try the technique in July when we visited a most charming wool store in Nova Scotia.  It's quite amazing to see how the fibers interact to each other.  It's almost magical!

Knowing the needle felting technique is only the beginning.  It takes much more than technique to create something beautiful.  It takes passion, talent, artistic ability, and much more. 

Yana explains her process:

"The birth of each sculpture is a magic process. Every pet has their unique character and temper, mood and charisma. I make my artwork with big love and am glad to share this feeling with my buyers. The greatest happiness for me is when people smile looking at my work. I am sure, if a toy finds its owner, it is born not in vain and will necessarily bring happiness to the new owner and will make their dream come true!"

Here is another one of her cute little dog collectibles:

Yana is not limited to needle felting, she also extended her techniques to cobweb and nuno felting as well. Here is an example of a gorgeous, felted, Victorian Scarflette:

Click on the image to read more about this awesome scarf:
I did not realize there were so many applications for wool.  We take this wonderful fiber for granted, but it is in my opinion, probably one of the most versatile fibers we know.

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