Monday, April 13, 2015

It's All About Texture!

Adding texture to my metal work is an important part of my designs.  Texture head hammers are found in jewelry supplies stores, but you don't necessarily need them.  I learned to use whatever was around me to add interesting and unique patterns to my jewelry.  For example, you can use a piece of pipe (would make nice circular patterns); you could also use a piece of small, thick sheet metal not bigger than 2"x2" or less (use it to make lines - make it interesting by changing directions).  I sometimes use an old guitar string (especially the larger one) to add interesting patterns on my metal.  You can see an example of this on the Statement Cuff Bracelet in Copper and Silver-  I added texture to the silver part.  For my wide, Tree Bark Ring, I simply used a round nose hammer that I purchased from the local hardware store.  In the last photograph, the unisex, Sand Grain Ring, the texture was achieved with a hammer with texture pattern similar to little squares.  

Although you don't really need textured head hammers to add pattern to your metal work, it does make life a little easier, plus there are some pretty nifty patterns nowadays!


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