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Monday, October 24, 2011

Shop and Save From my Etsy Shop

Take advantage of my new designs and save.  I'm offering a 10% savings from my entire etsy shop baysidewiredesigns.  Plus, if your total is $75 or more, you will receive a quality gift, plus I'm also offering free shipping on most of my smaller items.  All of these savings sure add up.  This means more money in your pocket for more shopping!!  That's what I'm talking about!!  I'm an artist who loves to dabble into a bit of everything and therefore you will find a wide array of interesting gifts and treasures in my shop.  I hope you enjoy your whole shopping experience.  Please use coupon code BAYSAVE10   at checkout to save your 10% and I will take care of the rest. So, grab your favourite mug and fill it with hot, freshly brewed coffee and slip on your cozy slippers and begin. :)  Click here to begin.

Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm Now on Artfire

I was reading up on and found that it was worth my while to open a store there as well.  I really like that you have a set monthly rate without any fees ever!!  That really appeals to me. 

I'm not saying I don't like  I'm just saying it cost me quite a few bucks to relist my items often in order to get the traffic and the sales I did.  So, I'm running a test.  I want to see which is more profitable in the end.  I made a google search on versus and some people have transferred there whole Etsy store to their artfire Shop.  I don't know...  I'm still researching the potentials of both.  After a very short time on Etsy, I got quite a bit of exposure.  I'm just wondering if it'll be the same with artfire. 

I've added some items;  I only have under 20 items as of yet, but I'll be adding more shortly.  I've already joined a guild (team) and I'm looking around to see how to get more exposure.  Click here to see my new artfire store.

One thing I really, really like it the Quick Checkout link that I've setup on my blog; isn't it awesome! 

As of now, I am not yet running a Sale in my artfire store, but I am offering FREE Worldwide Shipping on all of my jewelry.