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Friday, March 2, 2012

New Soap Dishes - Recycled Bottle Bottoms

Check out these cute little soap dishes made with the bottom part of a wine bottle. Creating with recycled bottle glass is one of my favorite things! I love the idea of taking an item that is otherwise seen as a piece of refuse and turn into a practical and beautiful item. These recycled wine bottle bottoms are awesome! Each one is different according to the designs on the bottom of the bottles. These little dishes can also be used to display your favorite candle or use these little beautiful to hold your rings, or your favorite collection of beach glass or beach stones. There are so many applications for these. Click here to see more info. Go to my etsy shop here.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Cleaning Up

Well, I'm taking advantage of this time to clean up my work areas.  Because I'm into many different crafts and such, I have multiple work stations and you can only imagine how messy that can be.  I finally got everything out of my main work room, or as my friend would say "catastrophe room." 

I posted a while back about the beautiful guest room I was planning to put together and I had chosen the color which I also posted.  Well... it turns out, I didn't quite like the color  and I had to change it.  Not that the original color wasn't nice; it was just too loud for me.  I was aggravated just to walk into the room and so  I finally decided to change it to a more subtle and relaxing color.  And I must say, I do not regret my decision because it's just beautiful!!  With this new sea foam / aqua color, the room embraces you when you walk in; what you want every guest room to do!!

My husband repainted the whole room for me and we changed the door and we'll be adding a closet.  Go figure, we always choose houses with no closet space!!  The great thing, though, is that both upstairs rooms are quite large and therefore can easily accommodate a closet.  I'm really looking forward to the closet!

I'm designing this guest room on a very limited budget and I love the challenge!!  I've been browsing through Kijiji,  for some awesome finds!!  I'm looking for a cozy reading chair, something I could slip cover.  I'll also need a small table for a nook area with coffee pot.  I have some interesting items I'll be able to transform as well, like a gorgeous, antique wooden trunk that still belongs to my daughter, but I'm thinking I could make a small stand and sit it up to use as a very unique night stand.  I also have small, antique, metal trunks that could make something unique!!  I already have a beautiful, antique dresser in the room, which I will be painting white to fit in the whole scheme.  Plus, at my husband's dismay, I've been saving these beautiful wood legs with the idea of making a bench or an ottoman one day, and I think that day has arrived!   I will finally use them to make a practical seating area and storage place for an extra blanket and decorative cushions at the foot of the bed. 

What I love most when I decorate a room are originality and uniqueness.  I came across this wonderful, yet simple idea for adding a bit of interest to window treatments:  Adding buttons, horizontally all along the top of the panel in such a way that it will display the buttons on each fold of the panel itself.  I found some old, mother of pearl buttons (they're just beautiful), which have that natural ivory color to them and they will look great in that room!!  They will absolutely compliment the whole theme which will be around the beach.  This will not be your typical nautical theme, but a very soft, warm, cozy, shabby chic atmosphere with class and sophistication.

That's it for now.  We have some things to do today, but we resume our work tomorrow and I will keep you posted of our progress!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Decorating my Guest Room

Finally, I'm just about finished emptying out my "Cat-astrophy" room (that was the name given to one of my work rooms.)  The room was originally my son's room, and I haven't painted it since he left a few years ago.

This year, in between my business and my life, I've succeeded to gain control over certain aspects of my life, such as my arts and crafts rooms which were just way out of control; they were taking over my house...  It has taken me a few months, but little by little it's all coming together.  I must say, it's so refreshing to have almost everything neat and tidy again.  I often asked myself: how did this happen?  I was the type of person that couldn't stand a cushion to be out of place... Never let your business take control of your life - that's all I have to say.  Take control and with discipline keep it in subjection.

Anyway, we decided (hubby and me), that it would be lovely to have a nice, cozy guest room, because we love to have people over. I'm very excited about designing the whole thing from scratch.  I've chosen the paint colour which is just gorgeous:  Colonial Aqua. I've added a colour swap for you to see - Isn't it beautiful??

 I want to give the walls an antique / Tuscan feel by lightly adding joint compound all over with a trowel before  adding the primer and then finish with the Colonial Aqua.  I'm beginning tonight and I will keep you posted as to my progress.  I will add pictures of the end product.  As of now, the room is dark kidney bean colour... it'll be quite a change!!