Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Super Clearance Sale in my Bayside Wire Designs Store

As an artist, I have to admit, I don't exactly offer clearance items too often.  I think, when it comes to art, it just doesn't seem like you mark down art.  I think this is quite the dilemma for most artists who sell their work from a storefront.  It just seems very unethical, but if we're going to somewhat succeed in making a living with our craft, we need to bend the rules, adjust to a certain degree, to the rules of retailing.  And it is for this reason, that I am offering a Super Clearance Sale in my Etsy Shop BaysideWireDesigns.

Take advantage  because it doesn't happen too often.  As most artist would agree with me, it's time consuming and expensive for materials, tools without even mentioning the design aspect of our art.  That being said, when you see art on sale, you grab it because you know you're getting a great deal!!!  The extra bonus being that the particular item is handmade with tender, love and care.

I have 45 listed items in my Super Clearance Sale Category and I will be adding more.  Click here to see my store (make sure to add to your favorites for quick access to check regularly for newly added sales.)

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