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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Agate Semi Precious Stone

Statement Rings are popular, and as a jewelry maker, there are so many amazing stones to choose from.  The ring in the picture is a 14-k gold filled, wire wrapped design with an gorgeous, black
agate.  Notice there's a touch of clear on the tip (near the bottom).

Agate is a popular, semi-precious stone, it's very beautiful and polishes really well.

Click here to ask about a custom ring for yourself or for a gift.

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Geode Druzy Pendant and Chain Gift Set

An Agate Geode Druzy is so beautiful!  What makes these stones so popular is the sparkly, diamond-like crystals embedded inside the stone.  There are different types of Druzy, but I am not a connoisseur, and I will not go into more detail other than describing it's beauty!

In our area, her in New Brunswick, we are a few hours away of an Agate Mine in Mont Lyall, QC.  The open sky mine is filled with large pebble-like stones varying from small cherry size to larger ball size.  Interestingly enough, the outside shell of these stones are rough, chalky-like textured and seem to be nothing but a bunch of useless rocks. 

After the guide explained to us, that while these may seem to be a pile of non-interesting rocks, many of them contain beautiful geodes and agates on the inside.  Unfortunately the cost for revealing the Geode centers was so extravagant, that we ended up leaving with a 5-gallon bucket filled with what might have been, Geodes and Agates, but we wouldn't find out until much later.

When we got home, we stored them in the garage, attempting to figure out a way to cut these open.  It turns out we ended up forgetting about them.  While cleaning out the garage one day, my husband found them and we decided we should try to break them with a hammer to see if there actually was at least one Geode in that pile of forgotten rocks!

To our surprise, we found many geodes.  The inside crevices were small and the crystals resembled sugar more than anything else for the exception of two that had beautiful 1/8" crystals.  We were so happy!  I'm trying to figure out where these specimens ended up and I can't remember what we did with them.  Perhaps we gave them away to an avid rock hound who collects these beauties...

Well the new wire wrapped pendant I just made has a far more different type of Geode Druzy - It's origin is not here in Canada, but comes from Africa.  It's colorful and most pretty!  The crystals in the center part catch the light beautifully and glistens just like diamonds.

The wire work itself is in .925 sterling silver in a clean round wire to add more of a minimalistic look.  Pendant hangs on a .925 sterling silver, 18" chain.    Click here to see more info on this necklace set.