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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kitty Cat Ring Stackable Rings

This is my latest creation:  Stackable kitty cat rings - the head and the body are on different rings and put together they make... you guessed it... the cat!!

I came up with the idea this morning and with hours I had the thing made.  I went from drawing it on paper, cutting out the body and head out of copper sheet (which I then worked and hammered), I welded the head and body to copper bands that I had previously prepared.  I finished it all off with a copper wire tail (hammered and welded into place). 

I love how the head fits over the body when you put the rings on..  This is probably the most whimsical piece I've ever done so far. 

Whenever I think of cats, it's because of my daughter in law; she is a cat lover!!!  I actually was thinking about her when I designed the rings. 

Although I made these out of copper, I will also make a set in sterling silver and copper (the bands will be sterling and the cat will be in copper).  I believe this will be awesome!! 

Here is a picture of this whimsical project of mine.  Get more info in my Etsy Shop.