Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sterling Silver Rings with Beach Stones Wire Wrapped Designs

I've been slowly adding all of my walk-in store inventory to my Etsy Shop.  Today I've decided to begin adding my .925 sterling silver, gemstone rings.  I love these beautiful rings!!  The stones are really what make these rings so amazing.  Some of my rings are made from local, beach stones we hand picked and polished in our rock tumbler; other stones we purchased from different dealers around the world.

Take advantage of my "Black Friday Sale" where you have the opportunity of saving up to 40%.  Go to that category in my Etsy shop here.  Also, I'm offering a coupon for savings of 10% off entire Etsy Shop: BAYSAVE10.  Although this is not a promotion, I offer free shipping on most of my smaller items and most of my jewelry.  There are lots of savings going on in my store and it's the perfect time to take advantage.  I have decided to extend my Black Friday sale until Monday night - Go here to check out Black Friday deals in my Etsy Shop.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday Sale Section of my Etsy Store

I took some time, to list many of my items, especially jewelry, in the Black Friday Sale of my Etsy Shop.  You will save as much as up to 50% on some of the items!! This does not happen very often, so take advantage while you can!! Go to my Etsy Shop now by clicking here.  Another thing, when you purchase for $50 or more, you will receive a FREE Gift... The great thing about it, is that you can choose your free gift from the Free Gift section of my store.  If you forgot to choose your gift, I will automatically add one to your order.

Happy Shopping!!  Go to my Etsy Shop here; Go directly to my Black Friday Sales hereGo to my Free Gift section here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gorgeous, Choker Necklace with Smokey Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant

I designed this smokey Quartz Choker around a gorgeous, Quartz baguette stone that I purchased.  It has elegance written all over it!

My jewelry designs are very seldom born at the work bench; it is actually quite the opposite.  After examining the stone for some time, I will ponder over it and try to figure out what setting would most suit this particular stone.

After rolling the idea around in my head, sometimes for days, it's as though a light goes and everything points in that one direction.  After finally deciding this is the best route to take, I then sit down at my work bench and begin making into a reality something that was once, only an idea.  I really hope you enjoy my sexy,  ribbon choker with Smokey Quartz, wire wrapped pendant in 14k gold filled.  It's a very stunning piece that is also very versatile and it's a one size fits all choker, ties at the back.  You may wear it more as a necklace, no need to wrap it around as I did on the photograph; you may also slip it off the ribbon and add to a longer chain as a beautiful necklace for the office.  Many great ways to wear this piece!  Click here for more info.  Go to my shop to see my Black Friday Sales, beginning today.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Free Gift Sterling Silver Earrings with every 75 dollar Purchase

That's right!  I am so thrilled that you are interested in my creations and I sincerely want to THANK YOU!  So please, when you shop with me, after your total has reached $75 or more (before shipping), please choose the free gift (earrings) of your choice and add them to your shopping cart; it's that easy!  Below is an example of one of the free gift earrings you could choose.  Click here to go to my shop and see more choices.  Please don't forget to check my Etsy Shop Announcements for even more savings with coupons and promotions.  Also, bookmark my Etsy Shop because I will be offering a wonderful all day special for Black Friday, on November 25th. So, grab that cup of coffee you've been dying to have, sit back and start shopping in my special, handmade gift shop where everything is handmade from the heart!

Friday, November 18, 2011

For the Gardener - Cute Garden Stakes Herb Garden Markers Hostess Gift

There is nothing more lovely than seeing lush greenery in a beautiful garden.  I designed these garden stakes with that in mind.  I wanted to contrast the green against the bright yellow... you know me, it's all about color coordinating and contrasts!!

These garden stakes are made of fused glass.  I hand wrote the herb and vegetable names with an engraving tool and then I added a special, black colored paint.  You'll also notice that I drilled each one and added a really practical twine loop so that you can hang them neatly in your garden shed (makes it easier to pull them out of the ground too.)

Each one is a handmade, unique piece since they're all made individually.  They make the cutest hostess gifts for the gardener.  What I really like about these is that they're more than just markers, they're decorative and add a touch of charm and beauty to any vegetable or herb garden.  They also look great in a pot as well.  I offer these in a bundle or individuallyClick here for more info on the garden stakes or click here to see all of my unique, handmade gifts:  wire wrapped jewelry, simple necklaces, quality gold earrings, recycled bottle glass art pieces, individually made buttons, coaster sets and so much more...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Every Day Necklace Collection - Winter Jewelry Collection

I wanted to add a more affordable jewelry collection to my Etsy Shop.  I hope you enjoy these really cute, multicolored necklaces that are all designed with my fused glass pendants that I design in my studio.  Each one is unique and original.  Not two are exactly alike.  I'm also reminding everyone that I will be having a really cool sale on November 25th, for Black Friday.  Please remember to read my announcements because I will be posting extra coupons and stuff there... If you don't check my announcements, you may pass up a really great deal!  Click here for more information on my new Winter, Every Day Jewelry Necklaces - Stay tuned, because I will also be adding earrings... Yay!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Tuscan Cheese Dish Plate with Red Grapes Handmade in New Brunswick

Here is my latest cheese plate, Tuscan Style with red grapes and cheese done in a grafiti technique, which is just a fancy word for painting and scratching the paint off.  What is really awesome with this cheese tray is that the paint turns into glass once I'm finished with the tray, so you don't need to worry about the paint scratching off getting damaged.  You can even stick it in the dishwasher.  For more information, click here and go to my etsy shop. 

Black Friday Sale, November 25, 2011 in my Etsy Shop

Can you believe I knew nothing about Black Friday Sales event before I had an Etsy Shop?  Perhaps this is too embarrassing and I should not go on, but in my defense, I come from a small Canadian town and although we're not too far from the American border, we don't travel there too often. and the times we did go to the USA, were in December or during summer vacations.  Now, I'm no longer ignorant of its meaning.   I learned Black Friday is not a holiday, and is very much comparable to our Boxing Day sales here in Canada with the only difference being that it is in November after Thanksgiving.

Why is it called Black Friday is what I was wondering. The term seemed kind of creepy and I was very curious to find out the origin.  The expression "Black Friday" makes so much sense once you know the answer.  In business when a retailer turns a profit, he is in the black and because there is such a frenzy on that day, retailers definitely turn a profit!!   Funny how something can make so much more sense once you make a bit of research, on Google, of course.

I will be preparing my Etsy shop for "Black Friday" Specials so might want to keep an eye.  I will randomly choose different items from my store and offer a crazy reduced price... something I do not do very often.  Remember, November 25th, Black Friday Sale in my Etsy Shop for extra savings...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beach Glass Bottle Stopper Unique and Handmade

Combing beaches in search of sea glass, unique beach stones and sea shells is definitely a long standing tradition seen around the world and it is no different in our area.  Every day there seems to be someone walking up and down the seashore, head directed downward as a hound dog would his nose, ready to sniff out that rare, beautiful gem.  My husband and I were no exception to that rule; we took advantage of any opportunity we had to rush down to the beach and just couldn't wait for the competition to begin.  That's right, everything's a competition with my husband.  He was determined to find the rarest red, or better yet, the king of colors:  orange.  As we strutted up and down the beach, my husband way ahead as he was rushing to be the all time winner, we discovered beautiful pieces of colored gems waiting to be found, waiting to shine in all their glory in some unique piece of jewelry, or perhaps a something completely new.

Being the person that I am, I couldn't just make jewelry with my newly found treasures.  My mind kept searching for some new application, something different that hasn't been seen before, something completely different.  Seeing that I had learned the art of fusing glass, I tried to apply the technique to my beach glass, which I think worked out quite nice.  Because of the different glass pieces being incompatible to each other (something you learn when you work with glass - it's important to use glass that work together, that are compatible), it's pretty much trial and error.  Below you will see an example of one of the new applications I found for beach glass:  Beach Glass Wine Bottle Stopper, which make great hostess gifts.  These are unique gifts for him or gifts for her.  You may check out my Etsy Shop for more glass creations such as more sea glass creations, recycled wine bottle designs and more.

Please make sure to read the announcement part of my Etsy Shop for information on how to save up to
40%; I'm also offering a coupon code where you can save even more.  :)

Click here for more information on Fused Beach Glass Bottle Stoppers -

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rustic Beach Cottage Recycled Wine Bottle Cheese Platter Plate Tray Gift Package

As you are well aware by now, one of my favorite items to make is from recycled materials, especially recycled wine bottles.  What I personally love about this cheese tray is the dark, dark olive color; it almost looks black.  The finish is shiny and mirror-like.  You've probably seen cheese trays before and they don't really impress you anymore, but I'm really trying to bring you something unique with the design of this cheese tray and you'll notice the neck is quite different than what you would usually see.  I named it: "The swan neck cheese platter", for obvious reasons...  I also etched a beautiful shell motif.  It's a permanent etching; it's not painted.  I used acid to actually burn into the glass and therefore the motif will not wear off.   You can even throw it in the dishwasher... how great is that.  A cheese tray, such as this one, is an amazing conversation piece for your next wine and cheese party... Each one comes with a cute little cheese spreader / knife, a handmade burlap bag and a beautiful grosgrain ribbon in either brown, purple, lime or orange and a very charming description card.  Click here to see more info on this great gift package.

Remember to check out my announcements for my Sale of the Day Treasure Hunt - Save up to 40%.  Go to home page to see announcements, click here.  See more interesting recycled wine bottle creations click here.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Celtic Knot Sun Catcher Recycled Wine Bottle

You'll find a very unique and completely different sun catcher in my Etsy Shop - I decided to try something different by combining my different techniques and I came up with this original idea.  I had to slice the bottle and place the glass in such a way that made them overlap each one and then I proceeded to heating them at a very high temperature until they fused into one unique piece.  I drilled and added hammered copper curls and enhanced with colored glass beads.  The overall piece turned out really nice, I think.  It would look awesome in the garden, on the patio or in your window.  It's rugged and tough enough to be outside.  Click here to see more info.  (((((((( Treasure Hunt Sale until the end of December - Save up to 40% - Read about it in my Etsy Shop Annoucements )))))))) **** I will combine promos with coupons for extra savings - Limited Time****

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day at the Spa - Robin Egg Blue Touch of Aqua - Great Bathroom Art Photography

Although I'm far from being a "Photographer", I really do enjoy the learning process.  What I find especially relaxing is composition.  I put together this still life picture with the "Spa" in mind.  The photograph itself makes for beautiful and affordable wall art; all you need to do is add it to a beautiful frame with a matte - Go to my Etsy Shop to see more of my affordable, wall art photography.  ((((((( Don't forget to read the announcements in my shop - you'll find coupon codes and info on my new "Treasure Hunt Sale"  Go to my Etsy Store here. )))))))

Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Sale of the Day Items in my Treasure Hunt Sales Event

I changed the Sale of the day item in each one of my categories.  Check them out to make sure you don't lose out on a great deal.  Remember, I'm offering savings of up to 40% .  On top of this great savings, you can also use coupon code in announcements.  Plus, you might qualify for free shipping...  Hurry, find those deals in my shop now.  Also, I want to remind you that when you spend $75 or more (before shipping), I will include a beautiful, handmade surprise gift.  Start with this beautiful pair of earrings:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New and Improved Photograph of my Blue Coaster Gift Set

I'm sure you will agree that this picture is way better and shows off the beauty of this coaster set much more than the original.  See the difference for yourself - Picture 1, is the new and improved photo and picture 2, is the original...  Click here for more info on this great little gift set.

****Don't forget to check out my announcements for our "Treasure Hunt Sale".  Click here to read announcements at top of my Etsy Shop.*****

Mini Fridge Magnet Frames - Display your Favourite Picture to the Fridge

I'm always looking for new ideas; trying to combine practicality with aesthetics.  I don't know about you, but I seem to use the refrigerator as a magnetic board where I post my messages, appointments, kid's drawings, pictures of the dog and such.  That's how I came up with the idea the "Mini Fridge Magnet Frames."  They serve a duel purpose:  use as a magnet to hold your appointment note while displaying the cute little picture of your grandson, grand-daughter, dog, your hubby (oops!  I shouldn't have put dog before hubby... lol), or whatever cute little picture you want to see every day while working in your kitchen.  

These cute little frames are 2" square and have a protective, plastic pocket for your picture.  All you do is slide your picture under the protective pocket and add to your magnet collection on the fridge - there you have it:  a beautiful display, a work of art arranged and organized on the door of your refrigerator... They make the cutest hostess gift.  Click here for more info.  Don't forget to check out my Treasure Hunt Sale- Read about it in my Announcements -

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Treasure Hunt Sale of the Day in my BaySupplies Store

I decided to extend my Treasure Hunt Sale of the Day to my BaySupplies Etsy Shop as well as my Bayside Wire Designs Shop.  Save up to 40% off in my Bayside Wire Designs Shop and save up to 20% my Bay Supplies Shop.  It's well worth the time to check out my great Treasure Hunt Sale on Etsy.  Go to my announcements to read all about it.  Here are some items you can start with from my baysupplies shop and my baysidewiredesigns shop:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Save up to 40 Percent with Sale of the Day Treasure Hunt in Each of my Categories

This is an exciting sale - Almost like a treasure hunt for sales.  That's right, in each one of my shop's categories I will have a "Sale of the Day" item with a special savings of up to 40% regular price.  This special sale of the day may also be combined with the extra savings of coupon code in the announcements of my store.  Plus you get to save shipping on most of my small items such as jewelry.  Remember, you need to search through the categories in order to find the special sale of the day in each category:  Women's jewellery; men's jewellery; Photography / Art; Vintage Home Decor; Glass n Recycled Bottles; Wind Chimes / Sun Catchers; Buttons.  To start you off, here is one of the items included in the "sale of the day":  beautiful 14k gold filled, wire wrapped cameo pendant.  It's quite intricate and has lots of gold filled wire on it.  Remember that gold-filled is not gold plate and is therefore very, very durable and will not wear off like gold plate usually does. Please read the information, about gold filled, below:

About 14K gold-filled:

Heat and pressure bonding a layer of gold to brass make 14K Gold Filled or “Rolled Gold”. Unlike Electroplated, Gold Filled will NOT wear off. Electroplating has only a microscopic layer of gold compared to that actual LAYER of gold in Gold Filled (100 times more gold in 14k gold-filled than electroplate and will not wear off).

Basically, gold-filled wire is a good metal for a good price. I know of old wire jewelry pieces in which several have actual dates on them. Gold-filled jewelry can really stand the test of time. In fact, I’m so sure of the product that I’m offering a Lifetime Warranty on tarnish (under normal use, of course), or I’ll replace your piece FREE.

Go to my etsy store to see more variety of unique silver and gold jewelry such as earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants, cuff links, anklets.  

Friday, November 4, 2011

Featured Item of the Day!! Sale Glass Vase Candy Dish or Votive Holder

I decided to have a "featured item of the day" sale and I started it all off with this beautiful, metallic, rainbow coloured vase, candy dish, votive holder.  It's hard to believe it's glass because at first glance it really looks more like raku or pottery.  This item is signed and dated by me.  It's an item that is both suitable for a man or woman.  This beautiful piece is both beautiful and versatile.  You may use it for candies, for flowers (it can hold water), use it for a candle, a tea light or a votive or just let it stand all on its own; it's completely up to you.

Click here for more info on this great piece of unique, handmade glass work or see more glass works here.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recycled Bottle Glass Picture Frames Green

A few years ago, in an attempt to recycle wine bottle glass, I came up with the idea of making various glass home decor items with the discarded, bottle glass.  I came up with a few designs that really turned out quite nice and I think you will enjoy it as well.  I sell these particular picture frames mostly as gifts for those who appreciate everything handmade and for those who appreciate wine as well.  

Each frame is a labour of love.  With much patience I must assemble each piece together as a jigsaw puzzle and fuse them at  a very high temperature in order for them to become one solid piece.  These picture frames are my unique creation.  They're classy and elegant and they make great gifts for him or her.  Click here for more information.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Handmade Jewelry for the Hair

As a jewelry designer we often focus on whatever is normally classified as your typical jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and anklets.  But if we step back for a moment and look outside the box, there is another facet of jewelry making that can be explored, such as hair accessories and tiaras.  We don't always think about hair accessories as being jewelry, but it is.  In fact, hair accessories may be made with the same materials as jewelry designs are made up of:  pearls, gemstones, precious metals like silver and gold.  There is no end to what beautiful hair jewelry you can design.

I've done just that with the hair barrette below.  I used thick .925 sterling silver wire and after forming and hammering and adding gemstone beads to create this sterling silver hair vine accessory.  The gemstones are petrified wood with red sponge coral.  It's a beautiful hair accessory.  Great gift for a lady with long, thick locks. For more information, please click here.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Handmade Fused Glass Napkin Rings Set of Four

My first love, a part from my husband, is by far jewelry making, but I have come very fond of glass work as well.  In some instances, I'm not too sure which I prefer.  It fascinates me to see the changes that happen when glass is introduced to high heat.  Although my goal is to one day learn more about blowing glass, fusing glass is a wonderful introduction to me becoming better acquainted with its properties.  Working with glass can be very tricky and your piece easily ruined if you don't know what you're doing.

The technique used for making the napkin rings below, is quite interesting.  It's actually made in different steps with multiple fusings in the kiln.  The brown decorative part is made separate and then added to the main ring.  In order to make the napkin ring rounded, I needed to work in the kiln with heat resistant gloves and special a special tool to form the strip of glass; let me tell you it's quite intimidating at first.  How often does one stick their hands in a heated kiln??  It is a long process.  I can only work on one ring at a time, because each ring needs to be at a certain temperature, which I need to hold, before forming (curving it) and then, each individual ring needs to sit in the kiln, with the cover, to gradually bring down the temperature up to the cooling time.  I do admit, it is quite a feat, but it's so worth it in the end, don't you think?

This beautiful set of four shiny napkin rings in warm tones of green and light brown are very classy and would make anyone receiving them happy as can be. Absolutely lovely for the person who loves to entertain!!  Click here for more info-