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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Adopt Lily the Taffy Artist Made Bear Marriage Proposal Idea

I'm really excited and happy to introduce to you: "Lily."  She's my latest handmade creation.  She has a beautiful coat of genuine Mohair, that is sort of scruffy looking, which I really like.  It gives her some character, don't you think?

I used German glass eyes and metal cotter joints for durability.  I added small glass pellets to her bum and feet, for weight (thus enabling her to stand when she's placed just right.)

Obviously, Lily, is not a toy.  She's an artistic, handmade bear for decoration or collecting.  She will make the greatest gift!  Here is a cute gift suggestion:  Add a ring to Lily's bow and offer the bear  as a gift for a really cute way to propose.  Add any kind of jewelry to her as an original way to present the jewelry gift.

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