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Monday, November 21, 2011

Gorgeous, Choker Necklace with Smokey Quartz Wire Wrapped Pendant

I designed this smokey Quartz Choker around a gorgeous, Quartz baguette stone that I purchased.  It has elegance written all over it!

My jewelry designs are very seldom born at the work bench; it is actually quite the opposite.  After examining the stone for some time, I will ponder over it and try to figure out what setting would most suit this particular stone.

After rolling the idea around in my head, sometimes for days, it's as though a light goes and everything points in that one direction.  After finally deciding this is the best route to take, I then sit down at my work bench and begin making into a reality something that was once, only an idea.  I really hope you enjoy my sexy,  ribbon choker with Smokey Quartz, wire wrapped pendant in 14k gold filled.  It's a very stunning piece that is also very versatile and it's a one size fits all choker, ties at the back.  You may wear it more as a necklace, no need to wrap it around as I did on the photograph; you may also slip it off the ribbon and add to a longer chain as a beautiful necklace for the office.  Many great ways to wear this piece!  Click here for more info.  Go to my shop to see my Black Friday Sales, beginning today.