Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lovely Genuine Garnet Bracelet in Gold

This is one my latest bracelet designs.  I thought of adding the gold pearls to highlight the deep wine color of the Garnet stone and the overall finish product is quite appealing.  I have to say I really like the color combination.

The entire bracelet is hand crafted with the exception of the lobster clasp, which I purchased.  The chain links are hand crafted and individually twisted and formed and then connected together.  While this is a tedious job, I think it's nice to hand craft as much of the jewelry components as I can.  Plus this really puts my signature on my jewelry as well.

Click here to see more of my handmade wire work jewelry, recycled spoon and fork rings, recycled glass bottle cheese plates and more. 

Click here to read more about this awesome bracelet!

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Geode Druzy Pendant and Chain Gift Set

An Agate Geode Druzy is so beautiful!  What makes these stones so popular is the sparkly, diamond-like crystals embedded inside the stone.  There are different types of Druzy, but I am not a connoisseur, and I will not go into more detail other than describing it's beauty!

In our area, her in New Brunswick, we are a few hours away of an Agate Mine in Mont Lyall, QC.  The open sky mine is filled with large pebble-like stones varying from small cherry size to larger ball size.  Interestingly enough, the outside shell of these stones are rough, chalky-like textured and seem to be nothing but a bunch of useless rocks. 

After the guide explained to us, that while these may seem to be a pile of non-interesting rocks, many of them contain beautiful geodes and agates on the inside.  Unfortunately the cost for revealing the Geode centers was so extravagant, that we ended up leaving with a 5-gallon bucket filled with what might have been, Geodes and Agates, but we wouldn't find out until much later.

When we got home, we stored them in the garage, attempting to figure out a way to cut these open.  It turns out we ended up forgetting about them.  While cleaning out the garage one day, my husband found them and we decided we should try to break them with a hammer to see if there actually was at least one Geode in that pile of forgotten rocks!

To our surprise, we found many geodes.  The inside crevices were small and the crystals resembled sugar more than anything else for the exception of two that had beautiful 1/8" crystals.  We were so happy!  I'm trying to figure out where these specimens ended up and I can't remember what we did with them.  Perhaps we gave them away to an avid rock hound who collects these beauties...

Well the new wire wrapped pendant I just made has a far more different type of Geode Druzy - It's origin is not here in Canada, but comes from Africa.  It's colorful and most pretty!  The crystals in the center part catch the light beautifully and glistens just like diamonds.

The wire work itself is in .925 sterling silver in a clean round wire to add more of a minimalistic look.  Pendant hangs on a .925 sterling silver, 18" chain.    Click here to see more info on this necklace set.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Would You Adopt this Dachshund?

Last year,  while browsing through Etsy treasuries, I came across this photograph:

This adorable little creature is a Dachshund. How could you not fall in love after looking at this photograph!  Who could resist those puppy-sad eyes and that cute button nose?  The good news is that you can take this dog home with you right now.  And you'll be happy to know that he requires minimal care.  His little 3-7" size enables you to carry him around with you wherever you go.  He is quite content to travel via your pocket or handbag because he is a handmade felt dog by artist Yana Mosnitskaya of Ukraine.

Yana has a beautiful Etsy Shop called "YanArt" which is filled with adorable, one of a kind, collectible dogs. 

The technique she uses to make these little cuties is called needle felting.   The technique basically involves a sharp, barbed needle and loose, wool fibers.  You need to poke down through the loose wool, until it slowly entangles the fibers into a felt.  This requires patience and some time. 

I actually had a chance to try the technique in July when we visited a most charming wool store in Nova Scotia.  It's quite amazing to see how the fibers interact to each other.  It's almost magical!

Knowing the needle felting technique is only the beginning.  It takes much more than technique to create something beautiful.  It takes passion, talent, artistic ability, and much more. 

Yana explains her process:

"The birth of each sculpture is a magic process. Every pet has their unique character and temper, mood and charisma. I make my artwork with big love and am glad to share this feeling with my buyers. The greatest happiness for me is when people smile looking at my work. I am sure, if a toy finds its owner, it is born not in vain and will necessarily bring happiness to the new owner and will make their dream come true!"

Here is another one of her cute little dog collectibles:

Yana is not limited to needle felting, she also extended her techniques to cobweb and nuno felting as well. Here is an example of a gorgeous, felted, Victorian Scarflette:

Click on the image to read more about this awesome scarf:
I did not realize there were so many applications for wool.  We take this wonderful fiber for granted, but it is in my opinion, probably one of the most versatile fibers we know.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Featuring the "Baby Wearing Coat / Jacket"

As I was browsing through different Etsy shops I came across this great shop situated in Toronto, Ontario.  Although my baby making days are long gone, as a grand mother, I can say this coat would have been a very practical and useful gift for my daughter.

While the sling or any type of baby carrier is wonderful in warmer weather, it's not so practical during the colder season.  Wearing a baby carrier / sling over your coat is way too bulky and uncomfortable, not to mention that the baby is left unprotected from the elements.  If this is the predicament you're faced with, then you will love this very innovative, multi-purposed baby wearing coat by loVDdesign.  It's the perfect coat to bundle you and your baby up, while keeping you both warm and comfortable.

This coat can actually be worn three ways:  1.  It can grow with your baby bump.  2.  Wrap it over a baby sling / carrier.  3.  Wear it alone without baby bump and without baby sling.

This is the most ingenious maternity coat I've ever seen.  Something I would have loved to have for myself during my two pregnancies!  This would make the most awesome baby shower gift!!  You get to choose from two beautiful colors:  Deep Royal Blue or English Brick.

This lovely Etsy shop also has this design in a thick, bulkier, Sherpa Fabric in Camel color:

I also suggest you take a moment to browse loVDdesign for some awesome baby coats and renaissance dresses and blouse designs.  I've added a photograph of one of the baby coats that I really like -  How cute is this!!

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Gold Earrings - Nice Change from Silver

I just finished some awesome gold earrings with light texture and great style!  These particular earrings can be worn both ways; you just need to switch them around.

What I really like about these is the simple design.  Perfect for those who prefer to wear less.  If you prefer these in Sterling Silver, I have them as well.  Click here for more info on these great earrings!  See other cool jewelry designs, click here to go to my Etsy Shop.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Making Leather Moccasins

As you know, I'm quite the "everything handmade" enthusiast! I'm always looking for stuff to make. I love that handmade items are one of a kind!  I also really enjoy the satisfaction it gives me to turn raw materials into something both practical and beautiful.
Since I've been on Etsy I discovered many wonderful shops from around the world that are filled with awesome, handmade "everythings". I will be regularly featuring some of these amazing shops on my blog.
To begin with I will be featuring "Tutorial Girl."  This particular shop sells original and unique pdf patterns for making children's shoes.   She designs her own patterns which I really like.  Not too long ago, I purchased one of these patterns.  I was looking to make a nice pair of leather moccasins for my little grand daughter when I fell upon "Tutorial Girl's" Etsy Shop.    I purchased one of these patterns, see picture below, and I will be making these for my little granddaughter. The pattern will fit a 2 year old.  See a picture of the pattern that I purchased below:

In order to make these, I needed leather and I thought of looking on Etsy and I discovered the "Peggy Sue Also" Etsy shop which sells awesome pieces of leather with amazing textures and gorgeous colors.  I was very excited to find this great shop, which I purchased two colors of gorgeous leather:  avocado green and an amazing pink Ostrich-look leather.   See it the beautiful leather pieces below:

The last item I needed for this project was sinew and I chose to use imitation sinew in white and I found it at "Make a Basket." 
So, I am now ready to make these awesome little moccasins!  I can't wait!!!
Thank you to the three Etsy Shops that will make it all possible!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Multi Strand Leather Bracelet for Him or Her

I've put together another really cool wrap leather bracelet that looks awesome! This bracelet is made with gorgeous, dark brown leather and all of the metal components are made of quality, .925 Sterling Siver. It's beautifully finished off with a solid, sterling silver lobster clasp. If you look closely to the middle part - the circle is wrapped, coiled and welded for durability. What I love the most about this particular bracelet is the contrast in textures - the coiled wrapped center, the hammered "S" and the shiny clasp with the flat brown leather... You'll find this bracelet awesome! Fits a size small to large (the larger the wrist the less you wrap.) Click here to see more info on this great bracelet!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Recycled Spoon Ring Wrap Bracelet

I've been pondering over this project like forever and I finally did it! In order to make the awesome, antique spoon rings, I need to cut off the "bowl" part of the spoon (I only recently learned about the "bowl" because I googled it - gotta love google!) Anyway, I had a box filled with these spoon bowls and I had the idea to make men's jewelry with them and I finally took the plunge and began making bracelets. Now, these bracelets are not just for men alone. They can most certainly be worn by women, girls and tweens as well. I'm definitely gonna make myself one. What I like about the bracelet is the rugged look and most of all the recyled parts of old, antiqued spoons! What else could you ask for in a great bracelet!! I finish off my bracelets with .925 sterling silver matals (the clasp, the rings and the large crimps that I made). Another really cool thing about this bracelet is the design of the bowl itself. I went a little hammer crazy and decided to add texture to a large part of the spoon and leave a section untouched as to add a bit of contrast with texture: smooth against the hammered! There are four strands of gorgeous, natural leather that just finishes off the bracelet beautifully! Rugged and Rustic is what you get with this unique style of bracelet. Like this bracelet is not already awesome enough, I added something to give it just a bit more Oumf! I hand stamped the work "music", which means this would make a great gift for that special someone who plays the guitar, the saxophone, the harmonica, the banjo, even the spoons. Click here to get more info on this great unisex bracelet.

Fancy Turquoise Earrings in Sterling Silver

Fancy Turquoise Earrings in Sterling Silver - These earrings are really awesome! Their fancy enough to wear with your evening dress and casual enough to wear with jeans. Genuine Turquoise gemstone cabachons with .925 sterling silver fancy wire wrap setting. Click here to see more info.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Sterling Silver Awesome Thumb Ring

I just finished making a new collection of thumb rings from old, antique spoons. This particular one I found in a small shop when I visited St-John, NB. The detail is most beautiful!! This is a unique ring. You will not be seeing too many of these around. It's quite heavy and is finished off with a gorgeous, antiqued finish thant enhances the design beautifully. This little beauty looks great as a thumb ring or as a finger ring. Click here for more details or browse my other great thumb rings. Recycling never looked so good!