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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Wire Wrapped Beach Glass Jewelry Auction

 I have a few pieces of Sterling Silver, Wire Wrapped Beach Glass Pendants for sale in my silent auction.  I also have two sets of 4 wine glass charms completely handmade from wire and beach glass.  Even the the wire to hold the beach glass charms were handmade in my studio.  Click here to see what other goodies I have in there.  You will not find better clearance prices!  Beach Glass Pendants, Bid starts: $9.  Wine Charms, Bid starts: $5.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Honey Beach Glass Gems

Beach Glass is quite popular in Northern New Brunswick.  You can take a walk down most beaches along the coastal area and collect a pocket full of these beautiful, gem-like glass fragments.

You'll find such lovely colors such as a variety of greens, sea-foam and emerald being two of my favorites!  We're always excited to find cobalt blue, which make the most awesome jewelry pieces.  But if you really want to see us jump for joy, wait to see when we find an orange piece...  Orange beach glass is considered the King of beach glass and is worth just as much as a gemstone in the jewelry world.  In over a decade, I have only found one piece of orange and I made the pendant you see below.  This wire wrapped pendant was sold to a local client who appreciates beach glass and its fascinating history!
It's not secret that sea glass makes for beautiful jewelry designs!  I also really like it my mosaic work. You can see in the votive, candle holder below, how beautiful these little brown and honey colored sea glass gems are in a mosaic design.  Click here for more information on the votive holder.